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  • Agopuntura medica. Benefici, conoscenze ed esperienze nel mondo

    Benefits of Acupuncture to Medicine and Care Knowledge and Experience in the World

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    Benefits of Acupuncture to Medicine and Care
    Knowledge and Experience in the World

    by David Alimi, Thomas Burgoon, Chin Chan, Tomás Dawid, Silvia Elenkova, Francisco Lozano, Hedi Luxenburger, Carlo Moiraghi, Chun Lee Oei-Tan, Petja Piehler, Paola Poli, Patrick Sautreuil, Karin Stockert, Konstantina Theodoratou, Marcia Yamamura (ICMART – International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques)

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  • The art of listening. Daoist medicine, sound therapy and micro-systems: healing systems in synergy. Nuova ediz. Con USB Flash Drive

    The Art of Listening

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    The Art of Listening
    Daoist Medicine, Sound Therapy and Micro-systems: Healing Systems in Synergy
    by Franco Cracolici, Fabio Pianigiani, Massimo Rinaldi

    Art in the Western world has created a complex language of symbolism, and artists channel their material through this language in order to communicate something to their public.

    The idea of art as communication is a fundamental aspect of Western aesthetics, as is the resulting interconnection between form and content. Music is considered a language of emotions, and is “sound forms in movement”. This is its only point in common with the idea of art in the Eastern world. Eastern Art communicates through visual effects in movements (ideograms) rather than through logos, the simple, sculptural, and thus inflexible, word.

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  • Abdominal and umbilical acupuncture

    Abdominal and Umbilical Acupuncture

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    Abdominal and Umbilical Acupuncture

    Clinical Experiences
    by Gemma D’Angelo – 2019

    Gemma D’Angelo introduces the reader to the theory and practise of Abdominal and Umbilical acupuncture describing her clinical experiences. Abdominal acupuncture is very interesting for its effectiveness in particular in treating joint disorders of the spine and limbs but also in treating neurological conditions associated with spinal nerve root compression that cause sciatica and radiculopathy.

    The author presents the treatment protocols and their different therapeutic effects in two sections; one that lists protocol treatments applicable to more than one condition and a second where the disorders are listed according to their clinical specialisation.

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  • Il Rinascimento


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