Differential Diagnosis in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Thieme Editore
Publication Date: January 2002
1st Edition
654 pp, 1964 illustrations
ISBN (Americas): 9781588900852
ISBN (EUR, Asia, Africa, AUS): 9783131081216



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Organized by findings to reflect how radiologists really work, this abundantly illustrated book offers more than 2,000 magnetic resonance images depicting commonly seen congenital and acquired disorders, as well as many rare and unusual cases. Along with the radiographic findings, you will enjoy brief tabular summaries of essential demographic, pathologic, and clinical features of each disease. The book is divided into anatomical sections, including: the brain; head and neck; spine; musculoskeletal system; chest; abdomen; and pelvis. All diseases and findings are cross-referenced, providing quick access to desired information. Special features: Chapters arranged by anatomic location instead of by disease – mirroring the approach you apply in daily practice Hundreds of tables listing pathological features to assist in the diagnostic process Detailed descriptions allow you to differentiate between diseases and conditions that have similar appearances More than 2,000 state-of-the-art images, along with detailed diagrams and charts, give helpful examples of actual findings Extensive cross-referencing of information leads you to further resources Here is the quintessential guide to magnetic resonance imaging that radiologists and other physicians need to enhance their diagnostic skills. Residents and fellows will use it as an invaluable board preparation tool. Keep this practical text close at hand.


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