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Osteopathy as ground medicine

Autori: M. Fornari, A. Garoli, L. Gozzi, S. Guizzardi, A. Martini, S. Matassoni
Titolo: Osteopathy as ground medicine
Casa editrice Piccin
Pagine 184, Rilegatura Brossura
Edizione, 2018
Codice ISBN: ‎9788829929290

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Osteopathy as ground medicine

The study group of the Collegio Italiano di Osteopatia, coordinated by Mauro Fornari D.O.M.R.O.I., promoter of this initiative, believes that modern Osteopathy has often risked teaching multiple techniques (perhaps too many) in its training centers, forgetting the original philosophy of the old Osteopath Masters and their teachings which are still valid today.
While Italy prepares itself for the recognition of an adequate juridical status for Osteopathy, we feel the need to offer our colleagues and all the readers interested in this issue the possibility of cultural enrichment that connects ancient sciences to modern ones, and where the holistic perspective of an individual and his/her needs prevails on the sterile notions supported by specific techniques.
To reach a scientific preparation that contemplates a global approach towards the patient, further development and reconsideration of the anatomic-physiological awareness provided by basic osteopathic training, are needed.
It is important to recall and keep in mind the relationships between the anatomy, physiology and psychology of man, and to reexamine anatomy from an anthropological point of view, in order to fully understand the evolutional journey of the human being through his/her own structure.
Integrating scientific topics with the osteopathic vision and approach, the operator acquires a greater diagnostic and therapeutic sensitivity and care that allow him/her to achieve the best psychophysical condition that a patient needs in a precise moment, provided he/she keeps in mind the specific biological ground of patients and respects the constitution which they belong to.
Therefore, our purpose is to unpretentiously offer a new methodology of work that leads to a therapeutic awareness which differs from the philosophical and scientific point of view.

M. Fornari, A. Garoli, L. Gozzi, S. Guizzardi, A. Martini, S. Matassoni


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