Differential Diagnosis in Conventional Gastrointestinal Radiology

Thieme Editore
Publication Date: November 1996
1st Edition
240 pp, 521 illustrations
ISBN (Americas): 9780865776760
ISBN (EUR, Asia, Africa, AUS): 9783131076212



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Conventional radiology remains the backbone of conventional radiology and a must-know area for all physicians. In this book, extracted from Burgener and Kormano’s acclaimed DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS IN CONVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY you will get essential help in diagnosing a wide range of conditions using standard radiographic images. It focuses on the radiographic diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases, allowing professionals to make use of the vital information they need for diagnosis in a targeted and cost-effective manner. By presenting original illustrations of the conditions alongside tables showing additional differential diagnostic information, the book points to the correct diagnosis even in difficult cases.


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